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02:33pm 08/06/2008
I have recently been bombarded with my own mediocrity. This is not the mediocrity that MTV blugeons people over the head with, this is working class mediocrity. My hopes are no longer high for college. Despite the fact that I've been told I would go to college since very young, it never occured to me that family's that are predominantly working class do no usually end up going to college unless they work really hard.

Apparently I did not work hard enough.

A couple of weeks ago I dropped a couple tabs of acid with a friend and we were at this massive park. I thought I saw ghosts wandering around the fields and it crossed my mind that these might be the embodiments of every person I could have been had I not chosen to revel in my mediocrity. Perhaps each of these apparitions was a destiny that I had rejected and thus let go into a realm of fuzzy and random molecular composition.

Or they might have just been tree branches.

I began to run across a field, but the strange thing was that I never began. The thought came and then I was running but I had never started. This is the problem with anything I could create. I can't just think it and expect to be real. My creative outlets are blocked by past memories and this is why I will never succeed as a writer.
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01:32am 13/08/2007
In the last 4 years I have been through enough:
-alcohol poisonings
-bad neighborhoods
-morning after pills
-pregnancy scares
-failed friendships
-car break downs
-suicide attempts
-empty gas tanks
-slipping grades
-spinning thoughts
-white pills
-moving friends
-mosh pits
-bloody noses
-religious fanatics
-fake artists
-superficial stereotypes
-bad mechanics
-job applications
-sleepless nights
-falling down mohawks
-cum stains
-shitty metal bands
-lost medications
-estranged parents
-disgusting people

...that I am absolutely ready to move on.
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coffee vs. coffee (the starbucks/dunkin donuts crisis)  
03:15pm 04/04/2007
Students and workers alike are faced with a big decision every morning when they wake up. Am I going to Starbucks or am I going to Dunkin Donuts for my morning caffeine fix? Considering that this is the energy they will use for at least the next couple of hours, this is a fairly lofty decision. And while an outsider may think there is no difference, that coffee is coffee, they are very wrong. The coffee that Starbucks offers considerably differs from the lattes brewed at the Dunkin Donuts.

The first notable difference is the flavor of the coffee itself. Both taste alright to some, but it really depends on one’s mood. The coffee at Starbucks tends to be smooth and rich. Maybe it’s how they brew the milk, or maybe it’s that crap they add from the glass jars. But there is something notable about the specific taste of Starbuck’s coffee. On the other hand, Dunkin Donuts coffee is far more robust than that brewed by the jazz hippies at Starbucks. It’s full of flavor and taking a sip is kind of like being kicked in the teeth with a semi-truck. Both are delicious, but one may be better depending upon personal taste.

Of course, one must also take into consideration the cost of these products. Obviously, the choice for a poor college student like me is Dunkin Donuts coffee, because it is considerably cheaper. Because Starbucks claims to use “top quality” beans they seem to find their coffee worthy of outrageous prices. A latte at Starbucks on average will be about two dollars more expensive than the lower quality (by which I mean exact same) latte at Dunkin Donuts. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a coupon for Starbucks in my life, but I do know that I get at least 3,000 Dunkin Donuts coffee coupons on the back of my Jewel receipts. So Starbucks costs more and Dunkin Donuts doesn’t and coffee is coffee is coffee.

Above all, the big difference between Dunkin Donuts coffee and Starbucks coffee is what they mean to our society. When your average person buys a Starbucks mocha latte double steamed skim milk espresso shot drink thing, they feel like an art star for just one second. They remember the commercials with the free form jazz playing in the background. They don’t actually like free form jazz, but they know it makes them cool. And that’s the thing, to our society drinking coffee at Starbucks is so much cooler than drinking coffee at Dunkin Donuts. You don’t go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee, you go for donuts. Everyone knows that, it says it in the freaking name.

So where are you going next time you want that morning energy? Will you go for Dunkin Donuts robust, less expensive, but also far less cool morning latte? You’d probably be taken a lot more seriously, although you’ll be shorter on cash, if you stopped in at Starbucks. Let the jazz overtake the hidden artist in your soul for awhile. Personally, I’m going to Jewel for an energy drink, because I really hate coffee.
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Cherub Rock  
07:35pm 14/11/2006
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(no subject)  
09:09am 29/10/2006
I don't want to be alone anymore.
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Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinalis)  
03:41pm 17/10/2006
Everyone is probably quite familiar with the common Dandelion. Its spiky leaves and bright yellow flowers plague gardeners everywhere. However, this yard ‘pest’ is one of the most nutritious herbs in the world.

The leaves are high in vitamins, iron, potassium, and have more beta-carotene than carrots. They can be picked fresh, washed, and eaten in salads.

The roots have been scientifically proven to help digestion, treat liver and gallbladder problems, and help with urinary tract infections. They are also an appetite stimulant. Studies in Europe have found that Dandelion root even eases the pain of IBS.

The primary actions of Dandelion root are that it stimulates bile production and acts as a diuretic. These two actions make it an excellent detoxifier for both the blood and the urine. They also make it very effective as a liver and kidney tonic. In addition, Dandelion root aids fat metabolism, making it helpful for weight loss. It also reduces uric acid, making it a top choice for the treatment of gout.

The detoxifying action of Dandelion root helps lower cholesterol, and deal with many skin problems. It is also recommended for hangovers. To make Dandelion root tea, boil the chopped root in water for about 10 minutes, strain, and drink. It is fairly bitter, so you may want to add some honey, or combine it with a tastier herb such as Ginger, or Lemon Balm.
Dandelion root is high in potassium, which helps with muscle spasms and leg cramps. It is also high in both calcium and boron, both of which can help prevent osteoporosis. Its high iron content can treat anemia as well.

Warnings: Not for use in cases of existing gall stones, or during treatment with antibiotics, as it can prevent their absorption into the system.
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Rosemary (Herb #1)  
11:38pm 15/09/2006
Rosemary has a long history of use all over the world. It holds an important place in both European and Chinese herbal medicine. Its name comes from the Latin for ‘dew of the sea,’ as it often grows near the ocean. Rosemary is a woody shrub with narrow, dark green leaves, which are almost like needles. It prefers sandy, dry soil and partial sun. The leaves are picked after the second year of growth and generally used in cooking and in teas.

During World War II and well before, French hospitals burned Rosemary leaves with Juniper berries to prevent the spread of infection. Greek students often burn the leaves when they are studying for exams to improve concentration and memory. Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, says, “Rosemary...that’s for remembrance...”

More scientific research has been done on Rosemary than on many herbs. Some research suggests that it may be able to shrink tumors. It has also been shown to be antispasmodic and anti-convulsive. Because of these actions, it can be used for stomach cramps, aiding treatment for IBS. Rosemary helps digestion, improves the appetite, and helps prevent flatulence.

Scientific evidence also exists to prove that Rosemary protects and cleans the liver by stimulating the release of bile. It is an antioxidant and can be drunk as a general tonic as well.

Rosemary stimulates circulation, and can help with arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, and aching muscles. To use it for these purposes, drink it as a tea or put it in a bath in a cloth bag. You can also use the essential oil of Rosemary diluted into a massage oil. Rosemary raises blood pressure and thus, can help with dizziness, fainting, and other manifestations of low blood pressure.

A strong tea of Rosemary can be used as a mouthwash to prevent bad breath as it effectively kills germs found in the mouth and throat. It also has a long history of being used as a hair rinse to both darken brunette hair and keep it from falling out.

Rosemary can be very helpful for the female reproductive system. It regulates menstruation and helps with menstrual cramps. A strong tea of Rosemary made with distilled water can be used as a douche to kill yeast infections, as it is also a fungicide.

Emotionally, Rosemary tea is used to stimulate and warm the psyche. It is considered a nervine and can be drunk for energy, motivation, to banish depression, help memory, and aid concentration. The essential oil can be burned in an aromalamp for all these effects as well as imparting a general air of joy to a room.
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